One Goal

To Provide The Highest Quality Service

Whether it is letting out, taking in, lengthening or shortening , most jobs can be undertaken

Sleeve Shortening

Jackets, coats, shirts and blouses can all be shortened and if the garment allows,

sleeves can be lengthened.

Panel inserts

The width of garments can sometimes be increased by inserting panels.

In this instance material from a pair of matching trousers was used to increase the size of a waist jacket.

Shirt resizing

Shirts can be reduced in the body or tapered to fit.

Sleeves can also be reduced.

The shirt opposite has been ‘pinned’ to determine finished size.


Resizing, removing eyelets or replacing header tapes, can all be carried out.


Due to the different size and construction used in curtain manufacture it is best to call and a cost can be given.